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Through the Surface


Hector Gundlach - Vocals and Guitar

Greg Harvilla - Drums

Cody McCory - Bass

 Adam DeRose - Lead guitar


            Vestibule is a fairly new band that formed in 2008. After months of switching guitars and bassist to find that perfect fit the band finally found that right combination. They then spent two years writing and recording their debut album. During that time they also hit the clubs to hone in on their craft. The debut album, Through the Surface, features 11 tracks that spread 42 minutes. They get the album going with “Astray,” which opens up with a loud set of vocals followed by a power sound of tunes. The guitars are great as they fly high while the drums lay down a steady beat. The vocals however are a little shaky. They have a little problem with a couple of the lines and transitions. They just don't sound clean. On the other hand though, they are definitely not studio fixed. “Sweet Surrender” begins with a completely different style. Its laid with a jazzy feel that turns to some rock. It sounds pretty sweet the way that they blended the two together. The guitars and drums blend really well while the vocals step it up a bit. They still have little issues, but they sound better. I contribute it to a better recorded set of lines. They place a little solo section in the middle of everything and it sounds great. They also end the song in a great way that makes you want more. “The Longing” heads to the soft side of things. The music sets the mood while the gang vocals, sweet as they can, lay down the tender lyrics. Once you blend them with the music you have the pallet for a heartwarming tune. The bulk of the song seems to be music while the vocals get in and then get out. It’s not a bad track, but I don't see it generating much attention. “September Skies” gets going with a cool little guitar that is then joined by another. The drums then enter the mix for a tick or two before the vocals enter. They seem to be a bit off at first, but once they get going they sound pretty good. This tune is something that I can see many people getting into as well as getting some attention for the guys. The vibe of the track is solid and really works. They add some flavor to the song for sure. The little solo section in the track though wasn’t the greatest. They really over work it I think. The rest of the track is pretty good though. “Lucid Dreams” again changes things up. It sends the album down a soft path. It also begins slow, but changes the pace when the vocals enter. It’s a fun number that I can see many people getting into. The vibe the track gives off is cool and the beat is hard to ignore. The track is a top one. Every element seems to come together including the vocals. They almost have a P.O.D. feel to them. I really liked this one. “The Art of Conversation” keeps the album soft and slows it down as well. The tune sounds solid and I think people will eventually fall for it, but it’s going to take a few times before that happens. I do really like the ending. “Chemical Reaction” stirs up some intensity and some energy for the intro. They then let the vocals enter and they lose some of the steam that they had created. They do find some of it again, but the way the vocals sounds in places hurt that track. If you can get past the oddness of those moments you might have found yourself a hidden gem. The music is hard to ignore. “Clouds Reflected” has an opening that grabs your attention, but then they do a 180 on you and slows the track down a crawl. With that said though, the track is great. It has the right vibe and beat to match up with the vocals that finally show up in the perfect way. The mood is perfect and the lyrics penetrate your soul. The guitars flair up and let you know that you are still rocking right before the final segment closes out the track. “Infinite Love” is yet another okay tune that introduces some backing vocals. There are some very awkward spots in this tune, but the guitar solo almost makes up for them. Those weird places are created with a miss match vocal tone and music. It just doesn’t sound right to the ears. Overall though, its near the top. “Through the Surface,” the albums titled-cut and longest tune, steps up next. It begins very slowly and soft with polite music and warm vocals. The gang vocals are well done and the guitar picking is very elegant. This is something that I can see showing up in some form or another. I feels well thought out, the writing and the way the song was executed shows this. It’s a little number that just sooths your soul. “Forget the Hour” ends the album with a strong offering. The vocals are solid and the music sets the mood. They really send the album off right. Overall this album is very unique. They give up several different flavors of songs. Within those tracks they also change stuff up. This might be one of the most diverse albums I have ever heard. The music is great and they can definitely write and they do it well. The sore spot however, is the vocals. There are places where they are spot on and killer. The front part of the record though they seem to struggle. There are a few notes that didn’t sound good at all while other times they and the tunes didn’t match up. With that being said, I am glad to have heard these guys and they leave you wanted to see the next chapter. I feel that these guys are special musically and it doesn’t hurt that this album is free! That’s right, not only do you get to hear some great and diverse music you can do it for free (and its legal!). Head over to and check them out.


Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Lucid Dreams,


Track List:

  1. Astray
  2. Sweet Surrender
  3. The Longing
  4. September Skies
  5. Lucid Dreams
  6. The Art of Conversation
  7. Chemical Reaction
  8. Clouds Reflected
  9. Infinite Love
  10. Through the Surface
  11. Forget the Hour

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